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Bergen / Norway

The second largest city in Norway, situated in the seven great mountains and the fjords. 1,730 KMs / 1,075 miles trip to Bergen

Odessa / Ukraine

A warm water port and the 3rd largest city in Ukraine, Odessa is known as the Pearl of the Black Sea. 1,656 KMs / 1,029 miles trip to Odessa

Stockholm / Sweden

Sweden capital consists of 14 islands and is also called Venice of the North. 1,428 KMs / 887 miles trip to Stockholm

Berlin / Germany

Modern city with very curious 20th century history. 351 KMs / 218 miles trip to Berlin

Dresden / Germany

Beautiful city on the river Elbe, nice place to stayafter visiting National park „Czech Switzerland“ in border area. 148 KMs / 92 miles trip to Dresden

Krakow / Poland

One of the oldest cities in Poland and with a history encompassing more than a thousand years, it remains the spiritual heart of the country. 542 KMs / 337 miles trip to Krakow

Paris / France

One of the largest and most renowned cities in Europe, a plethora of urban Parisian landmarks offer a visual feast. 1,031 KMs / 641 miles trip to Paris

Geneve / Switzerland

French speaking part of Switzerland, only 70 kms far from the highest mountain of Europe. 963 KMs / 598 miles trip to Geneve

München / Germany

The third largest city in Germany, after massive bombing WWII the centre was reconstructed. You can visit BMW museum there. 380 KMs / 236 miles trip to München

Monaco / Monaco

Principality of Monaco, constitutional monarchy. Seeing F1 race is an awesome experience. 1,162 KMS / 722 miles trip to Monaco

Kaliningrad / Russia

Visit this disconnected part of Russia and discover its old country-side Prussian castle ruins and the highest sand dunes in Europe. 973 KMs / 605 miles trip to Kaliningrad

Poprad / Slovakia

Located at the foot of the High Tatra Mountains and surrounded by forests, this city’s natural beauty is breathtaking. 558 KMs / 347 miles trip to Poprad

Vienna / Austria

Wander Schönbrunn Palace and see why famous residents such as Sigmond Freud and Ludwig van Beethoven found this city a marvel. 333 KMs / 207 miles trip to Vienna

Budapest / Hungary

The capital of Hungary, situated on Danube river is the city of historical landmarks. 528 KMs / 328 miles trip to Budapest

Innsbruck / Austria

Nice alpine destination, the centre of Tyrol culture. 547 KMs / 340 miles trip to Innsbruck

Trento / Italy

Beautiful Italian city surrounded by Dolomite Alps and lakes. 719 KMs / 447 miles trip to Trento

Venezia / Italy

Narrow streets and canals, Easy to get lost in this romantic city. 930 KMs / 578 miles trip to Venezia

Dubrovnik / Croatia

Visit this ancient fortress in the morning and spend your afternoon soaking up the sun on the beaches of Croatia. 1,303 KMs / 810 miles trip to Dubrovnik

Roma / Italy

Visit the ancient buildings still left over from the Roman Empire 1600 years after its fall. 1,311 KMs / 815 miles trip to Roma

Rijeka / Croatia

The startpoint of fabulous Adriatic coast trip in Croatia. 821 KMs / 510 miles trip to Rijeka

Praha / Czech Republic

The extensive historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, making the city one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe start point trip to Praha
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